Estate Planning


Knowing what we know about the importance of Estate Planning for every step-in life, we partner with Yodal and our trusted legal partner to facilitate a simple process for ensuring your wishes for the future are honoured. A once long and complex process is now timely, simple and streamlined.

The entire Estate Planning process is pulled together into the Yodal platform – from the initial client needs assessment and document recommendations, to the client questionnaire capturing your wishes, right through to the provision of template documents delivered directly to our trusted legal partner (or your own lawyer) for review and finalisation.

Our Process

Discuss your needs with us

Robin’s Estate Planning engages with you to better understand your circumstances, needs and wishes.

Document recommendation and quote

Based on your requirements, Robin’s Estate Planning provides you with a list of recommendations and a quote.

  • The quote is a fixed, flat fee (inclusive of the lawyer cost) to have your entire Estate Plan completed.

Accept and payment

If you wish to proceed, your intent is confirmed through Robin’s Estate Planning.

  • Payment of the fixed fee is remitted.

Data Collection

Robin’s Estate Planning coordinates any additional information or specific requests in Yodal, to ensure your wishes are accurately represented and honoured.

Finalise with a lawyer

The matter is forwarded to our trusted legal partners to be reviewed.

  • Your final Estate Planning documents are completed.
  • Robin’s Estate Planning engages with you to facilitate the final execution of your Estate Planning documents.

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